It’s National Heart Month


February is National Heart Month. All month the British Heart Foundation are out promoting healthy hearts. They do this by asking you to make small changes to your daily habits.

The heart is an absolutely incredible tool. It beats around 100 000 times per day, to move around 3600 gallons of blood through 75 miles of blood vessels.

Sadly the heart takes the brunt of a lot of our lifestyle choices. In the UK alone around 160 000 people die from heart and circulatory disease. Every 7 minutes someone in the UK has a heart attack. This is bad in itself, but when you find out 1.2 million men and 900 000 women live with chronic angina, you really start to think.

Being a health club,  we naturally advocate exercise and diet as the way to battle against these heart-related issues. There are other things like stress and smoking also adding to this huge problem.

So, exercise, you knew that would be our number 1 right? There are so many benefits to exercise, that you would get bored of us listing them here. The biggest benefits are weight control and heart exercise. We have a great tool in the club to help you make sure you are training your heart hard enough and long enough. MyZone. MyZone helps you know just how hard you are working by showing your heart rate in 5 different exercise zones. MyZone recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise, that is blue and green zones. Or 75 minutes per week of vigorous exercise, red and yellow zones. Or of course, you could do a combination of the 2. The great thing about MyZone is it takes all the guess work out of it, and tells you all about your exercise session, and effort.

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Nutrition goes hand in hand with exercise. If you are not putting good clean fuel in your body, how can you expect your body to run smoothly?

To start with, control your portion size. Using a smaller plate helps, but if you are loading your plate up make sure you load it with fruit and veg. The more colourful (naturally) your plate of food looks the better.

In terms of grains, of course, Whole Grains are the way forward. Things like whole-wheat, brown rice, oatmeal, barley whole-grain bread etc. If it say whole, go for it.

Reduce your salt. You should be aiming for just 1500mg of salt per day. Too much and you are opening up to a risk of high blood pressure.

There are many ways you can be healthier, if you smoke, you already know you should stop.

Laughter has been proven to help. An article in the Huffington Post tells you about how laughter can lower stress levels, and we know what stress does to you. You can read the article here.

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We love exercising and helping people obtain a healthy lifestyle. We have been doing it since 1992 and have helped thousands of people, and we can help you too. Give us a call on 01353 668888 or email to find out how we can make National Heart month be the month you change your life.

Coming in February is our brand new eGYM Circuit. Read more about it by clicking the eGYM logo.

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Celebrate National Fitness Day – 9th September 2015


We are celebrating National Fitness Day, and we would love everyone to come and join us. We are opening our doors for anyone (over 16) to come and try our gym, classes and pool area. We are putting on a series of taster classes for people to try, the schedule is below.

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All of the classes on the 9th September will be on a first come first served basis. We will be back to normal on the 10th. Members can bring guests along for free and show them their club. We will be having regular demos of our new BoxMaster.BoxMaster-with-base-withKickpad