Cupcake Day in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society

Strawberry-Red-Velvet-Cupcakes1Fancy a Cupcake!  Okay,  so not the usual question a gym should be asking but it is for a good cause.

On Thursday 16th June we shall be selling cupcakes in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society Cupcake Day. For a minimum donation of 50p you can treat yourself to a lovely cupcake, mostly homemade by the Atrium Fitness team.


March MEP Challenge Results

The following are the winners of our March MEP challenge:

1st Place: Geoff Shirley – A Brand New iPad Mini!

2nd Place: Sebastian Rasinger – An Atrium Backpack

3rd Place: Neil Burke – One month’s eGym Membership

Geoff winning ipod mini




















Congratulations to Geoff on his win! 🙂

What happens to your body when you haven’t worked out

When You Haven’t Worked Out in a Few Days…
It’s no biggie. If you’ve been working out on the regular, your body probably welcomes the chance for recovery. It’ll use the time to repair your muscles and help you spring back stronger. That said, if your days off are paired with unhealthy food and booze, you might feel a bit bloated.

When You Haven’t Worked Out in a Week…
You’re likely feeling a little “softer” than usual. That’s due to your muscle fibers starting to dwindle and your body retaining some extra fluids. But for the most part, you’re not feeling too bad. If you head back to the gym now, you probably won’t even notice any significant changes in how fast you can run or how much you can lift.

When You Haven’t Worked Out in a Couple of Weeks…
Your fitness is definitely on the downhill slide now. As the number of mitochondria, the microscopic power plants that fuel your muscles cells, decreases, your cardio endurance will be the first thing to go. Taking the stairs might make your legs burn or even leave you sucking wind.

When You Haven’t Worked Out in a Month…
Most of your cardio and strength gains from the past few months have gone kaput. You’re sporting less lean muscle mass and more body fat. Plus, stress has a greater hold on you, and without exercise supporting your circadian rhythms, getting a good night’s sleep may be a challenge.

When You Haven’t Worked Out in a Few Months…
Your metabolism joins the ranks of things to go. So besides burning fewer calories, you probably feel fatigued pretty often—and quickly. Your heart has to work harder with every beat and your lungs don’t absorb as much oxygen as they used to.

You Haven’t Worked Out in a Year…
Aside from a soaring body-fat percentage, complete loss of muscle, and sluggish metabolism, you’re also at a greater risk of serious health issues like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, insomnia, anddepression.

Women’s health magazine

March 2016 Newsletter

Managers Message

Hello all and a big warm welcome to our latest edition of the Atrium Newsletter. Our brand new State of the Art E-Gym facility has now opened, and the new exciting way of keeping fit has been a hit with many of you already with lots of very positive feedback.


If you are interested in trying the E-Gym out please see reception for details as with the layers coming off now that the weather is getting milder, what better way to get yourself into your summer shape.

– Steve

Paula’s Positive Message

I want to remind everyone that it is not always about your diet and what you do Paula - RESIZEin the gym that can prevent you from feeling your best.


Powerful affirmation can transform you, thinking about your attitude and behaviour can and will help you build confidence and help you keep motivated. A positive mental attitude will also help your determination to overcome any fears & obstacles, and a great internal mindset will help you accomplish your goals and improve your self image.


Post-Workout High Carb Smoothie Recipe

Watch Tim Shieff, World Freerunning Champion, teach you how to create this tasty and nutritious smoothie that is just perfect after a good workout session! The necessary ingredients can be found below:

  • 4 Medium ripe bananas
  • 8 Medjool Dates
  • 1 tsp Ground cinnamon
  • 1 tsp Ground ginger
  • 1 Litre water

Blend until smooth, Serves 4 people.


Per serving (per glass); 139 cals, 0.4g fat, 0.1g saturated), 1.6g protein, 30.3g carbs, 27.7g sugar.


+ Dates are high in chloride which aids digestion.
+ Bananas contain potassium which helps our muscles to work properly. This is especially important after exercise so that our muscles can repair and grow.
+ Drinking a smoothie like this is better than your average energy drink because it provides just as much energy and sugar but it also provides your body with other nutrients like fibre and vitamins & minerals which are needed when you work hard at the gym.

Sugar-free Breakfast Ideas

Jess has a few tips on how to replace some of the high sugar content in your diet and eat better in the mornings with some tasty alternatives!

Newsletter jess






Fact – The Valsalva Effect

Aaron brings us this interesting fact about the Valsalva Effect:

The Valsalva Effect/Manoeuvre is when someone forcefully attempts to exhale against a closed airway, primarily when weight training during a lift. This increases blood pressure, decreases heart rate, and increases the risk of fainting and retinal detachment.

The Valsalva maneuver is commonly believed to be the optimal breathing pattern for producing maximal force, as it creates a pocket of pressure in the abdominal and thoracic cavities. The results are that you increase your power output potential and provide core support to protect your lower back from injury.

Pawel – How to achieve the perfect Flag

If you are willing to learn how to do a flag, there is one question you should ask yourself. Is my core and upper body strong enough. If you have any doubts, then you better get training.

I started with basic planks making sure my form is spot on, and making sure that I can maintain a variety of planks for a long period of time. Once I have mastered that, I then move on to doing some crazy super sets with a variety of planks, roll outs, press ups then adding some strict triceps dips and strict pull ups.

Once you have been doing this for some time, the last thing you have to do is to attempt it. When you try the flag make sure that you give your 100% and stay focused for every second of the flag hold. Best of luck!

Our very own Pawel doing what he does best! Showing the world what he can do. Any one up for the challenge? 🙂

Posted by The Atrium Club on Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Staff Training

We openly encourage our team to improve their knowledge and skills, this is what they have been up to so far.


Well Done to Paula who recently completed and passed her Level 2 NVQ in Customer Service. Paula is now working towards her Level 2 NVQ in Team Leadership.
Jodie & Donna are in the process of completing their Level 2 NVQ in Customer Service.

Fitness Team

​Jess is off to ​Birmingham to complete a PIYO course. Hopefully we can find space on the timetable for a class or two.

Aaron is is steadily working his way towards Level 3 Personal Training and successfully passed his assessment. If you are interested in Personal Training Aaron is able to offer reduced rates whilst his training is ongoing.

Stuart is always on the look out for new courses, he is finishing a Sports Conditioning course as this newsletter goes out.

One surprising change of direction is Naomi, who loves the gym and helping out members that she has signed up to become a Level 2 Fitness Instructor. This time next year Naomi may well be teaching Circuits!

How Running Shoes Affect Your Natural Running Technique

PicktheRightRunningshoeMost runners know that landing on the forefoot during running is more efficient and reduces the risk of injury, but few know why. In analysing the technique of elite runners, almost all of them land with a forefoot strike and appear light and agile. Next time you see a recreational runner pounding the pavements have a look at their form. Do they appear graceful and nimble, or slow, sticky and uncomfortable?

Shoes play an important part in foot striking during running. Modern running shoes have affected the body’s ability to run naturally, with a forefoot strike. When we run in bare feet, our bodies naturally avoid heel striking (in favour of a forefoot strike) because it hurts! Most modern shoes are designed to minimise impact, so they provide you with a big heel cushion and lots of padding.

But rather than protect you this actually reduces proprioception because the foot can no longer feel what is happening underneath it. This allows you to land on your heel, without realising it hurts. Ultimately, this leads to injuries such as shin splints, plantar fasciitis and knee pain to name a few. Therefore, a change in your running shoe may have inadvertently increased your risk of injury, as you began to adopt a heel strike over time.

To get out of this cycle of injury and pain, it’s important to go back to basics. The first step is to practice being barefoot for as much of the time as possible, and invest in a good quality barefoot shoe to protect your feet while doing so. This will give your feet plenty of time to get stronger.

Part of this process may also involve specific exercises to improve strength, mobility and elasticity in the feet and toes – this is an important pre-requisite to learning proper running technique. In any case, seek out guidance from a suitably qualified Trainer

Are you getting enough sleep?

Sleep rests the body and mind. Most people require about 8 hours good quality sleep in order to function properly, but for some this does not come easily – issues from the day can spring to mind, lists of jobs that need to be done, appointments that must be made or attended, awkward moments replayed and nonsensical, random thoughts rattle through the mind at a million miles an hour, all becoming a blurry mess which the person is unable to shelve until the following day. Unfortunately, these sleepless nights play a part in the deterioration of a person’s mood, and if it’s prolonged sleep deprivation, then their mental health may also be affected. A lot of people don’t realise that sleep deprivation can also have an effect on physical health. Studies have shown that people who sleep less than 7 hours a day are 30% more likely to be obese than those who sleep for 9 hours or more. I t is believed that the reason for this is because sleep – deprived people have lower levels of leptin (the chemical that makes you feel full) and more ghrelin (hunger – stimulating hormone). Lack of sleep can also have other effects on your health putting you at risk of serious health conditions such as heart disease and diabetes.

Information obtained through One You NHS site.

Sports Relief Challenge 2016

This year for Sports Relief, each of our Staff has participated in a pre-recorded Exercise/Activity of their choice and your challenge is to guess how many repetitions they completed in 2 minutes! Entries cost 50p per guess.

Over the weekend you will also be able to attempt these challenges and beat the records set by our Staff, at £1 per attempt. There will be prizes available for guessing and beating the staff!

Atrium Staff Records:

  • Jess – Body Weight Squats: 113
  • Pawel – Press Ups: 120
  • Stuart – TRX Throws: 85
  • Steve – Boxing Jabs (from shoulder): 300
  • Naomi – 1p Coins Counted: 250
  • Paula – Towels Folded: 19

We hope you’ll come in to the club this weekend and participate in raising money for Sports Relief by taking part in these challenges!

Well done Paula – Level 2 NVQ in Customer Service.

Paula with certificateHere at Atrium Fitness we openly encourage all of our team to enhance their skills and achieve new qualifications. A number of our reception team are currently working towards Level 2 NVQ in Customer Service.

Paula, our Head Receptionist, has already completed hers and is now working towards her Level 2 NVQ in Team Leadership.

Well done Paula, keep up the good work.