stressfreefullenglis_67721_16x9Often referred to as ‘the most important meal of the day’, and there are reasons why!!

Breakfast is essential for fuelling the body with energy throughout the start of the day. How often do you find yourself being hungry at around 10-11 o clock and start reaching for those sweet treats that are meant to be saved for a special occasion?

When we sleep we obviously aren’t eating, but our bodies are busy recovering and growing, so when we wake up, we’ve been fasting
the whole night! Therefore it is important to start your day right and get some good quality food in you and give yourself some energy.

A breakfast rich in high quality protein and good fats is a great way to start the day. This will give your body the oomph it needs to kick start your metabolism, set you up for the day and help keep those hunger pangs at bay. Plus the good fats will help cognitive functioning meaning you’ll be firing on all cylinders right from the get go!

Coconut oil is a fantastic source of healthy fats and is a great substitute to use as a cooking oil. Why not try a 3 egg omelette with some bacon medallions, spinach and vine tomatoes. A great combination of flavours, vitamins, fats and proteins that will get you off to a flying start. If you want to do one better then wash it down with a tall glass of water with some lemon slices to help detox your body and you’re good to go!

This especially applies to all those early morning gym goers! Make sure you’ve got fuel in you so your body isn’t using that hard earned muscle tissue instead! Happy Eating!

Online Booking System

On Tuesday the 3rd of March, we will be launching our Online Booking System!

That means as of Wednesday, you will be able to book in to any classes that you wish using our app and website! An added benefit of booking through our Online Booking System is that you will be able to book any class of the day from the moment you awake! So if you have a SmartPhone – download our app below.

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Massive well done to Jerry Herrigan who has lost 12 kgs since the end of December 2014. Below, he explains how the Myzone belt has helped in with his weight loss journey.
In Jerry’s own words
‘The Myzone belt has helped me with my type 2 diabetes as I can now manage my weight more effectively and
monitor my heart rate on regular basis. It has pushed me to work harder and I can now see a huge improvement in my cardiovascular fitness and in my strength.’
‘There are many health benefits to gain from using the Myzone belt and I believe it is a worthwhile investment in your health now and on into the future.’MYZONE- Jerry


Below is a photo of one of our members here at the club.

Paula has been a member of the Atrium Club since July 2014. Last month, Paula was struggling to stay motivated in the gym. Therefore, she decided to buy a MYZONE Belt, which she is holding in the photo.

Here are some of Paula’s own words,
” The MYZONE belt helped me re focus when I was feeling stuck and needed a new incentive. The belt pushes me to work longer and harder in order to challenge myself. Losing weight is a massive bonus and I have now lost over a stone since the start of December and feel great ”

For information on the MYZONE please speak to a member of the gym team.



Upon completion of our MYZONE Challenge that we ran throughout January to see who could earn the most MEP’s we have found our winners. First off I’d like to say congratulations to everyone that took part in the challenge, there was a total of 33 people that entered, earning a combined total of 53,479 MEP’s! Wow!

The top 3 alone, totalled a massive 13,347 MEP’s altogether. Huge achievement!

So in 3rd place, our congratulations go to Kamila Hughes! She worked extremely hard and earned herself a total of 2,725 MEP’s – Well done Kamila!

in 2nd place – Giuseppe(Joe) Risino! Earning himself a whopping 3,870 MEP’s – Congrats Joe!

And finally…

1st place… Let’s put our hands together to congratulate Neil McCombie! He pushed himself ridiculously hard and earned himself a massive 6,752 MEP’s.

So once again, a huge congratulations to everyone who took part in January’s challenge, and lets see another great result next month, with something different in the March Madness Challenge!!

KettleBell Has Arrived!

We have introduced Kettlebell training to our class timetable!

The classes will start on Monday the 9th February. There will be four classes per week all of just 30 min slots, numbers will be limited so get your places booked as soon as possible!

The classes will be on a Monday morning at 07:15, Friday morning at 08:00 and then both Saturday and Sunday afternoon at 3:30

The class will take you through basic technique of getting the most from your Kettlebell workout. Concentrating particularly on strength and endurance of the posterior chain. We will teach you all about it in the class! Get booking.

How Music Helps…

I’m sure you’ve all heard of music helping you in the gym, but have you ever wondered why or how it does this?

Research has confirmed that pumping up the volume increases exercise endurance and performance. So you’ll be pleased to know that listening to your favourite tunes could help you have a better workout. As well as being highly motivating, it helps divert attention from the burn and can increase endurance by up to 15%!

Aerobics and other class instructors like to motivate people using a loud thumping bass line for exactly this reason. It’s not just an aid for timing, but it can help participants burn more calories and give that extra push that they crave.

Coming soon…

Kettlebell-ClassKettlebell classes are soon to arrive here at The Atrium Club. The first class will be on Monday 9th February at 7.15am-7.45am. The dynamic nature of the kettlebell will give you an all-in-one workout of a lifetime, combining both strength and cardio aspects. These classes are for both beginners and advanced fitness levels and are suitable for men and women so don’t be afraid and come and give it a try.