Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from all here at Atrium Fitness!

After all of our merry making, our goal to get Ely fit continues into 2015. We are back open to our normal hours now and classes begin as normal from Monday! We have an insanity special taking place tomorrow (Saturday 3rd) with Jess taking the participants through an intense choreographed bodyweight class.

Look out though…

We have a few new classes and some minor changes to our timetable taking place as of 12th January! So head in and pick up our new timetable to get up to date and all your class bookings sorted before then!

Look Out..!!!

Jess, Pawel and Aaron will be going on their Insanity training course on Thursday the 18th December.

In an insanity class you work flat out in 3-5 minute blocks, and take breaks only long enough to gulp some air and get right back to work. It’s called Max Interval training, because it keeps your body working at maximum capacity through your entire workout. You keep pushing your limits-as your body has to adapt.

We are looking forward to introducing Insanity training to the Atrium club and hope that our members are ready for the challenge!

Weight Training

Benefits-of-Strength-Training-Exercises-For-WomenWhy Weight training is important! Everyone (including women) should be lifting weights for these reasons:

1. It helps lose fat

2. It makes you strong

3. It reduces your risk of injury

4. It can reduce arthritis pain

5. It increases balance, stability and flexibility

6. It makes your feel better about yourself

7. It can help lower blood pressure

8. It adds challenge and interest to your routine

Winter Bootcamp

Winter bootcampWinter is one of those times its hard to get motivated for the gym. We know that as well as any other. The nights seem long and come far too early, you’re driving home from work and it’s already dark. However, Saturday mornings we run a Bootcamp! Why not get motivated in typical class fashion along with fellow Bootcampers and come and give it a go! While it’s light at 9am, we’ll beat the cold and get you warm and feel as though you’ve had a great workout! Our trainers are highly qualified and ready to make you feel the burn! Just remember to wrap up warm with layers to take off as you warm up!

TRX – Give it a Whirl?

Reasons why you should try TRX training:TRX Suspension Training


1. It’s for anyone. TRX has been designed for any fitness level, so whether you prefer lower impact classes such as Pilates or yoga or you enjoy high impact work like running or cycling you can adapt the workout to your ability

2.It’s beginner- friendly – It’s easy to change exercises to your own level of difficulty and then increase the intensity when you are able to.

3.It beats boredom – There are infinite ways to use the TRX straps. You can do a full body workout with the TRX straps from lunges to planks and upper body resistance training. The best part is that you can change your routine as many times and you want, meaning that you won’t be getting bored anytime soon.

4. Engages your core – with every exercise your core muscles are engaged, but watch how much harder things get when you really engage your core.

5. Intensity control – you can control the intensity just by walking yourself closer or further away from the anchor point. This means instead of having to grab different sets of dumbbells or add more weights to machines you can simply just adjust your feet position.