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Donna - Reception TeamSeveral things have happened recently to kick me up the behind and get me motivated towards losing weight and improving my fitness. The first being my Mum has been diagnosed with Diabetes, the second being my father – in – law had a heart attack, and the third I am the heaviest and largest I have ever been, including when I was carrying my 10lb 5oz daughter just before I gave birth to her! I also have goals to work towards, my brother is getting married at the end of May this year, and I am going away with friends to Italy later on in the year. I have taken the first steps in gradually improving what I am eating. I have done things in the last month such as cutting down on crisps (I used to have 1 bag with a sandwich at lunch time), changing from full fat coke to diet coke (not perfect I know but a small step in the right direction) and snacking on fruit or low fat yogurt. I have also been cutting down on my biggest weakness – chocolate and sweets. At one point I could, at times, quite happily munch through a couple of chocolate bars a day and I’m not talking about fun size ones either! I’m doing this slowly, and I’m not denying myself completely – I am managing to go a few days at a time now without any chocolate, crisps, sweets or coke but then I will have one thing and be done for another few days. This blog will keep me on track, and give everyone (a good laugh at my expense!!!) an insight into “my journey”. Hope you enjoy.

Sunday 16th October 2016

Back in the gym this morning for a quick workout, it has been a while!
5 minute warm up on the cross trainer, followed by stomach crunches, knee raises and crunches with legs to either side to work the obliques. I then did 3 x 10 reps on the chest press and shoulder press, before doing 2 x 20 reps on the compound rower and lat pull down. I finished off with a 5 minute cool down on the treadmill and some stretches on my legs and arms to finish off.
My zone belt registered 77% average effort, 142 average heart rate and 347 calories burnt.

Saturday 15th October 2016

WE DID IT – WE WON THE CUSTOMER SERVICE AWARD! I am so proud to be a part of this team!

Friday 14th October 2016

BIG night for the team here at Atrium Fitness tonight – we are finalists for Customer Service Award and Employer of the Year at the Ely Standard East Cambridgeshire Business Awards! We are dressed in our finery and heading out to Ely Cathedral for the ceremony – wish us luck…….!

Saturday 17th September 2016

Decided to do a run this morning, its been a while since I’ve done one outside that covers any type of distance. I managed just short of 5km – 4.64km to be exact, so I was really pleased with that result. MyZone belt readings were 80% effort, 147 average heart rate and 500 calories burnt.

Thursday 15th September 2016

I booked in with Matt for a weights session today, I want to improve my upper body strength as I feel there isn’t much there!
He guided me through using the lat pull down machine, shoulder press, chest press and compound rower before doing bicep curls and tricep extensions. He explained the correct technique for each of these and checked my form to make sure I wasn’t losing this. I then did some floor work to focus on core muscles (again very much required!!!). MyZone belt measured 404 calories burnt, 62% average effort and 114 average heart rate.

Wednesday 14th September 2016

I couldn’t really decide between doing a run or doing spinning this morning – so I did both!
Starting in the gym I did a brisk walk on the treadmill to start with and then working up to a jog for a “warm up”, I burnt 319 calories, average effort of 68% and average heart rate of 124.
Following this, I took part in Spinning which was taught by Aaron this morning. During the class I burnt 444 calories, average effort was 88% and average heart rate was 162.

Just a note that all the team are here to help, so if you have any queries or would like some advice then please don’t hesitate to speak to us or book an appointment at reception to see one of the gym team.

Sunday 11th September 2016

Slightly different blog today – this isn’t about me, it’s about you!
Do you have a personal goal, anything you’re not sure of or just wanting some general advice about nutrition or fitness? If so, our gym team are here to help.
Whilst all our team can assist with nutrition, working out technique, health checks, general advice about fitness, writing up programmes, running Personal Training sessions and dealing with comments, suggestions & somtimes complaints and the day to day running of the club they all have different areas they specialise in:-
Steve – General Manager of Atrium Fitness,  so responsible for overall running of the club.
Jess – our resident Studio Coordinator oversees the running of the classes. Jess also has personal experience of weight loss and fitness development.
Pawel – Brilliant when it comes to building body and core strength.
Matt – 2016’s Northampton Strong Man winner in his category – body building advice is his specialty! Also fantastic in the eGym
Stuart – Excellent “all rounder” and great in the eGym
Aaron – Another excellent “all rounder” but particularly good when a person is new to a class or looking for sport specific training.
John – Highly experienced, John has had a number of years in the fitness industry and can offer advice about fitness regimes while suffering an injury and rehabilitating.

Saturday 10th September 2016

Came to gym this morning and did a couple of circuits of eGym and then followed this up with a run on the treadmill. I wanted to do a 5k run today but managed just over halfway before giving in. Even so, I burnt 733 calories, average heart rate was 131 and average effort 72% so I’m not going to beat myself up for calling it a day when I did.  It’s been a while since I did my running anyway so thinking I need to build myself back up to the full 5k.

Wednesday 7th September 2016

National Fitness Day today! Decided to go to the gym, do a couple of eGym circuits and follow this up with a treadmill run but the best of plans can go astray which is kind of what happened today! On arrival at the gym Stuart was going to be running an eGym circuit session so I did this but instead of the usual circuit of just the machines we were both doing things such as star jumps, burpees, push ups and high knees in between each one! Now, because I’m such a glutton for punishment I decided to follow this up with Spinning taught by Aaron as there was space available! I was very surprised afterwards though because I was able to dismount the bike without falling, AND I could make my way downstairs with out my legs giving way under me (and for those cynics out there, yes I did work hard in spin!!!)!!! MyZone belt readings from the class were 74% average effort, 470 calories burnt and 135 average heart rate.

Monday 5th September 2016

As I am typing this blog post I am VERY aware of my shoulders thanks to a PT session this afternoon with Pawel!
My warm up consisted of 6 minutes on the cross trainer in total, starting at 55+ RPM for the first 3 minutes and then circuits of 20 – 30 seconds as quick as possible and then slowing down for 30 seconds.  Now, 20 – 30 seconds doesn’t sound like a long time does it? Believe me it is when you’re doing that! I had jelly legs by the time I’d finished!
This was followed by 15 reps on the compound rower and 10 reps shoulder press using dumbbells for 4 circuits.
Next up was moving into the studio where I was pulling in the boot camp rope with Pawel holding the opposite end and then going to the other end and repeating this 4 times and doing 30 seconds of moving a weighted ball at chest level back and forwards – this circuit was repeated 4 times in total.
30 seconds of step ups onto the studio stage followed this and then I was pushing the inflatable boxing pillar across the studio 4 times with Pawel on the opposite side of it. This was also repeated 4 times in total.

The last thing was hitting the boxing pillar for 30 seconds and jogging from one side of the studio and back again which was repeated 4 times before stretching off.
MyZone belt recorded 75% average effort, 248 calories burnt and 137 average heart rate for the work done in the studio.

Despite the aching I feel good knowing that I’ve started the exercise up again and do appreciate that after such a long time of not doing anything it is going to hurt but I am not looking forward to tomorrow!!!!

Saturday 3rd September 2016

So my last entry was quite some time ago and I have to confess that during the summer holidays the only exercise I’ve done is walking and a couple of swimming sessions. This changes as of Monday when I have booked myself in with Pawel for training so I’m anticipating some serious aching on Tuesday! With my daughter going back to school from next week I can also start up jogging again and getting some sort of exercise regime back up and going.

To kick this off I’ve had my measurements taken today with Jess. My weight has increased to 105kg, which is to be expected. My neck is 33cm,shoulders are 103.7cm, smallest abdomen (just under the bust) is 95cm, abdomen around belly button is 110cm, right thigh is 66cm and gluteus (bum) is 120cm. Overall it’s not horrendous but it’s given me a new starting point. Watch this space……!

Friday 17th June 2016

Did a 2 mile run this morning which took about half an hour in total with warm up and cool down walks. I kept to a steady pace until the last minute when I just about managed to increase it slightly. I averaged about 13.44 per mile which I’m pleased with. My aim at the moment is to complete 5k (just over 3 miles) at a slightly increased pace over the next few weeks and work from there towards increasing distance and speed eventually,. I am very happy with what I’m achieving at the moment as I wouldn’t have even completed 5 minutes running a few weeks ago! Myzone recordings from today were 979 calories burnt, 70% average effort and 128 average heart rate.

Wednesday 15th June 2016

So it’s time for another health check! My last one was done on 30th April so it has been 7 weeks. The results are as follows:-
My weight has remained at 100kg, there is an increase of 1cm around my neck, and an increase of 1 1/2cm around my shoulders. The smallest part of abdomen (under my bust) has remained the same but I’ve put on 1/2cm around my bum ! The measurement around my right thigh has increased by 6cm but the best news is that I’ve lost 4cm from around my stomach! Jess thinks that the increase in measurements is due to muscle taking over from fat so will have to see how the next lot of measurements go.
I followed this with a run on the treadmill for 25 minutes after a 5 minute brisk walk on there. Myzone recorded 312 calories burnt,155 average heart rate and 84% average effort.

Friday 27th May 2016

I have been continuing with my running program and am now completing a block of 25 minutes jogging each session starting and finishing with a 5 minute warm up/cool down brisk walk. It’s going really well and I’m managing to control my pace so I keep a regular breathing pattern, leg wise, I can really feel that they’ve been working afterwards! I wear the MyZone heart monitor which feeds back my workout information. Since my last blog entry on 30th April my records are as follows:
Friday 6th May – 59% average effort, 679 calories burnt, 109 average heart rate
Friday 13th May – 58% average effort, 510 calories used, 107 average heart rate
Sunday 15th May – 65% average effort, 379 calories used, 119 average heart rate
Tuesday 17th May – 58% average effort,619 calories burnt,106 average heart rate
Friday 20th May – 57% average effort, 580 calories burnt,104 average heart rate
Monday 23rd May – 56% average effort, 652 calories burnt, 103 average heart rate

I’m really happy with how the running is going and will continue using the blog until I’ve achieved the 5k distance but I need to work on my core as well so I am now doing some stomach crunches, knee touches and planks.

Saturday 30th April 2016

I haven’t been able to get out for another run this week.

Jess did my measurements and weight this morning, I haven’t had these done for months!!! My weight has decreased to 100kg from 102kg, my neck is 33cm which is the same as last time, my shoulders are now 108cm from 110.5, the top part of my stomach has gone down to 96cm from 98cm, the bottom of my stomach (around my belly button) is now 113cm from 116cm, and I’ve lost 1cm from my bum so am now 122cm from 123cm!!!

The only increase in measurement I’ve had is around my right thigh which has gone from 58cm to 62cm, which I guess is because I’m using my leg muscles for running. In total I’ve lost 8cm from my combined measurements which I’m over the moon about!

Tuesday 26th April 2016

Went for a run this morning, I have now commenced week 5 of the NHS Couch to 5k app. During week 5 all the timings change so I will start doing different runs on the three days I do it. Day 1 consists of the usual brisk 5 minute warm up walk, and then 3 x 5 minutes running sessions alternated with 2 x 3 minutes walking sessions and finish off with 5 minutes cool down walk. I got on better with this than I thought I would, so it proves you can do what you want to when you put your mind to it!!!

I wore the My Zone use-2-1448386399-fXbq-full-width-inlinebelt but it failed to log my results despite a new battery being put in. As it’s an old one I decided to upgrade to My Zone 3 as the old unit is rather temperamental so will see how it goes.

Friday 22nd April 2016

Day 2 of Week 4 running app completed this morning. I had a friend with me today who managed the timings of the app instead of me listening to it and counting down, this seems to make a real difference to me and I find the time seems to go quicker! I felt more comfortable in my pace but felt congested so breathing was a little irregular.

The My Zone belt worked today (yay!) – it recorded 710 calories burnt, 62% average effort and 112 average heart rate.

Tuesday 19th April 2016

Started running again today after 3 weeks of not doing any due to holiday and illness. Decided to try and do Week 4 of the NHS Couch to 5k app and see how I get on with it – this is what I had started doing before my break. The last home stretch was tough going, especially as on slight incline but I managed to complete it all.

Wore the My Zone belt for the run but found out afterwards that it hadn’t recorded anything as new battery needed for it!!

Tuesday 22nd March 2016

Managed to do another “run” this morning. NHS app wouldn’t play so I was left to my own devices. I started off with a 5 minute warmup walk, followed by a 5 minute jog, then a 3 minute walk. I repeated this and then tried a third run but had to go back to walking after 3 minutes 32 seconds as I couldn’t regulate my breathing properly by that point, but still pleased with my progress as I am able to do more now than I previously could. Myzone belt registered 59% average effort, 733 calories burnt and 109 average heart rate.

Tuesday 15th March 2016

Week 4 on the Couch to 5k podcast attempted this morning, however, technology and I are obviously not agreeing today as not only did the app stop working part way through, but the MyZone belt didn’t record anything that I did!!!! I know I managed to complete a 5 minute warm up brisk walk, then a 5 minute jog and was then starting a two and a half minute walk when it crashed on me! Despite being frustrating because I was really geared up for completing this today I suppose the silver lining is that I survived the 5 minute jog – yay!!!! I have a lot of shifts coming up at work the rest of this week so not sure at the moment when I will next get out for trying this again but I know that if it’s quite a few days there’s nothing wrong with doing a couple of extra Week 3 routines before moving on to Week 4 again.

Get the NHS Couch to 5k App Podcasts Here:

Monday 14th March 2016

Participated in Lucy’s Pilates class this morning. While I wouldn’t say that I am flexible, there is slightly more movement/less tension in my limbs than previously which I think may be due to taking part in this!

Sunday 13th March 2016

I went for another “run” (and I use that term very lightly!) this morning, however, I forgot to wear my belt – what a wally!! Continued with the Week 3 podcast, so the same timings for walking and jogging as Friday.

Friday 11th March 2016

I am continuing with the NHS Couch to 5k app, working towards doing the Santa 5k run in December for the Arthur Rank Hospice in Cambridge. I am currently on Week 3 which is made up of a 5 minute brisk walk, a 3 minute jog and a 90 second brisk walk which is repeated one more time, the route that I take to do this with an additional cool down walk after takes about 20 minutes in total. The app works on building up the jogging time and reducing the length of time walking gradually, and then working on increasing the speed once 5k (approximately 3 miles) is reached. The MyZone belt recorded 68% average effort, 124 average heart rate and 438 calories used.

I continued wearing the MyZone belt from 10:29am to 9:24pm which recorded 54% average effort, 99% average heart rate and 2029 calories used.

Tuesday 8th March 2016

I took part in the Fitball class this morning which was taught by Pawel. He concentrated mainly on legs, bums and core work which is exactly what I need!!! Some members have made some positive comments about me returning to the class, which has really boosted me, so a big thank you! I wore the MyZone belt from 8:24 til 11:38am and during this time it recorded 60% average effort, 110% average heart rate and 675 calories used.


Monday 7th March 2016

Took part in the Pilates class this morning with Lucy. Had to force myself to go to the class as feeling low this morning but glad I did and felt so much better for doing it too – it’s true that exercise does help lift your mood!

Friday 4th March 2016

Went out jogging with a friend this morning but the My Zone belt didn’t record anything from it – ggrrgh! We managed to cover 2.14 miles in approximately 25/30 minutes. Jogging for a minute and a half to one minute brisk walk in between after a 5 minute brisk warm up walk. Series of leg stretches afterwards.

Tuesday 1st March 2016

Participated in Fitball this morning with Jess teaching. Lots of work on abs today with some arm and leg work too. Had difficulty with some of the raised leg work from a back injury, but able to adapt the exercises so still working without causing problems. My Zone recorded 253 calories burnt, 123 average heart rate, 67% average effort.

Followed the class with a quick blast on the treadmill which recorded 205 calories burnt, 154 average heart rate and 84% average effort. The introduction to running using the NHS Couch to 5k app is going really well and am now managing a couple of minutes jogging at a time with one minute walking in between instead of a minute jogging with one and a half minute walking. Finished the session off with leg stretches.

My Zone Monthly Summary

My summary for February 2016 is as follows: 3147 minutes recorded, 52% average effort, 8987 calories, 95 beats per minute average heart rate. Not too shabby!!!!

Monday 22nd February 2016

I participated in the Pilates class with Lucy this morning. I haven’t been for quite some time but found it easy to follow as Lucy explained all the positioning and what areas were being worked, she also adds some light hearted comments in the class which makes newcomers feel welcomed and at ease. Could feel that I worked through it without feel shredded afterwards, a good way to reintroduce myself back into the regime (lets hope it lasts a bit longer this time!!!)

Friday 19th February 2016

I attended E Gym training for the reception staff today. For those who are not familiar with this, the E Gym is personalised resistance based equipment which focuses on different areas of the body and operates in a circuits style manner.

Work out more effectively than ever before with eGym

-Work out more effectively than ever before with eGym


To begin with some information is recorded about the individual who is using the equipment which helps monitor progress,once this is done you are issued with a wristband which stores your information and operates the machinery. Each piece of equipment carries out a strength test to check what weight you are able to move and once this is done you can do your training based on the time frame you are given on the monitor.

the circuit

When training the idea is to keep the ball in the black lines on the screen, and this only lasts a matter of minutes at the very most, and then you move on to the next machine. A complete body workout takes only 1/2 hour! At the end of this I could feel that I had worked out but it doesn’t leave you sweaty, out of breath or any of the usual things that accompany using gym equipment! I can definitely recommend E Gym to people who, like me, are not in peak fitness! If interested in seeing how E Gym works the club is having an open day on Monday 29th February or you can speak to any of the gym team about this area.

Friday 15th January 2016

A very happy belated new year to you all! I sincerely hope you had a great Christmas and that 2016 is kind. So it’s no secret that I haven’t been into the gym of late,I have even had a couple of members commenting about it and asking when I was coming in for classes again this last couple of weeks!

I finally got my bum in gear and had a training session with Jess this morning! As it’s the first time in a while that I’ve been in we didn’t go full pelt at anything but enough to know that I was working.

picture of our cardio area in the gym

I did a 5 minute walk on the treadmill to warm up,gradually increasing to a brisk pace for the last couple of minutes.I then did a series of step ups with and without weights by my side,step ups pushing weights above my head,side step ups,followed by mountain lunges using the step box.I then did 2 x 500m on the rowing machine,but needed to break the second 500m into two lots of 250m as struggling to regulate my breathing at one point.After that I did some core work,completing 4 x 20 second planks,and stomach crunches putting hands to knees.

My Zone belt recorded 54 minutes workout,74% average effort and 389 calories burnt.

Monday 5th October 2015

In the gym this morning under my own steam, no gym staff with me to push me on – HELP!
Wanted to mix things up a little so started by doing 10 minutes on the upright exercise bike. I kept the rotations at 85 – 100 throughout and used level 6. Enough to get me warmed up, without going to the extremes of a spinning class!
Next up I worked on my arms, doing 4 sets of single arm row for 12 repetitions, followed by 2 sets of single arm overhead tricep extensions for 8 reps (this is a really weak area for me, and I don’t feel very secure doing these exercises either!). I repeated this circuit three times.
I followed this with the overarm lift machine, doing 4 lots of 6 reps on this.
Going to the floor I did 12 stomach crunches, then 12 crunches with a twist and rounded up with a plank for 12 seconds. My core needs a lot of work to strengthen and tone!!! I repeated this circuit 3 times before doing 3 lots of 12 squats using the fitball against the wall which I find helps my posture doing these.
Before stretching off to finish the workout today, I went on the rower for 1000 metres.
My Zone summary for today:
Average heart rate – 127
Average effort – 69%
Calories burnt – 513

GO ME!!!!

Friday 2nd October 2015

I have completely fallen off the fitness wagon since the end of the school summer holidays, making it into the gym for a grand total of 2 sessions during September – SHAME ON ME! :(:(:(
My Zone review for the month is 858 calories burnt, average effort 80%, and a total of 103 minutes recorded – in other words, not a lot done!
My weight currently stands at 16st 1lb, so I need to focus on getting it back down under the 16st mark and work from there. Have been finding motivation a HUGE effort, and finding other things that need to be done at home which could actually wait until later! I think the word is avoidance!
Christmas Day is exactly 12 weeks from today so I figure if I can lose a pound each week then that is almost a stone less in time for the festivities, watch this space and wish me luck………….!!!!

Friday 3rd July

It’s been a while since I’ve had a health check done so today’s the day. I’ve lost 1cm from my neck, and 2 cm from my right thigh. My shoulders and bum are the same as before. Measurements around both parts of my abdomen have increased but am suffering with water retention so feel this may be the reason why. With regards to body fat, however, this has dropped from 47.7% to 40.7% so I’m chuffed with this latest result!

Wednesday 1st July

It’s extremely hot outside and I decide to have a swim today for a change, I haven’t used the pool here for ages. I spend an hour swimming almost continuously, but not strenuously. I feel really relaxed and refreshed at the same time for doing this.
picture of our pool area

Tuesday 30th June

Shoulders are aching a little from yesterday, but surprisingly my thighs aren’t!
Attend Fitball this morning, Jess is teaching. I’m running 5 minutes late for the class so Jess goes through warm up again (my apologies to everyone in the class who had already done this!). A lot of the exercises carried out focus on the core and legs, such as lunges, squats, leg and hip raises and stomach crunches and twists. We also do press ups while balancing with the fitball (not a strong point for me, I am not a graceful person!!). As I was running late I didn’t get chance to put the my zone belt on this morning, but by the time the class has finished I am feeling extremely hot and sweaty, and I’m very aware of my legs and shoulders!!

Monday 29th June

Training with Pawel this morning.
He gets me to warm up with a brisk walk, followed by a gentle jog on the treadmill, and then back to a walk to get my heart rate down again. I feel comfortAtrium Club-21able doing the jogging, but at this point I haven’t managed to achieve a stable breathing pace while doing this so it’s more difficult than it should be. Next up, Pawel gets me to do 4 super sets of squats using the fitball against the wall followed by raised press ups. I do the first 10 reps straight off with the squats, then the last 5 are held for 3 seconds. The first set of press ups I do 10, and then increase to 12 reps. I ask Pawel what a “super set” is as I am unfamiliar with some of the terminology used! For those not in the know, a super set is the name given when exercises are carried out back to back with no rest in between.
Pawel gets me to use the dumbbells next for shoulder presses and lat raises, 4 super sets of 12 reps on each. I feel more comfortable doing the lat raises, I get to shoulder level using dumbbells and I feel like I’m not controlling them very well! I feel much safer using the machines! The cross trainer is next on the list today. I start at level 6, keeping strides per minute to a minimum of 100. This then increases to level 9, followed by level 10 keeping to a minimum of 120 strides per minute. I’m on thecross trainer for a total of 8 minutes. To work on core strength I do 3 x 10 rep alternate forward reaching planks, and to finish off some cool down stretches. My zone belt records 84% average effort, 588 calories burnt and average heart rate of 154.

Monday 15th June

Training with Anthony this morning. Did prone rows, bicep curls with above head extensions, and sitting and standing holding a kettlebell at chest level which uses the hip flexors, straight arm kettlebell pick-ups from the floor which also uses this area, and crucifix position hip raises. Felt good for completing them but it was tough going! It still amazes me how much more you can achieve with someone there motivating/pushing you on, there is no way I would be able to do this on my own, I wouldn’t have the first clue where to begin to be honest!
No calorie or effort count to report today as my belt wasn’t fastened properly and came off during the session, doh!!!!

Sunday 14th June

Woke up quite early today and needed to move as my back had seized up overnight, went for a walk which tallied up just under 3 miles in total.

Saturday 13th June

Went to Cambridge today and did a fair amount of walking through the course of the day, including a 15 minute brisk walk to and from the railway station from home, a brisk walk to and from the station in Cambridge to the town centre as well as walking around town itself and up to the Grafton centre.

Friday 12th June

So, it’s been a while since my last blog. Admittedly the last couple of weeks have been less active gym wise due to half term and feeling under par.
I had measurements last done on 26th May and from my last ones I have lost another cm off shoulders, gluteus and around my belly button. My neck, thigh and smallest part of abdomen have stayed the same.
I came in on Monday morning for some training with Anthony. He got me working some weights on my arms, shoulders and back rehab. As my shoulders hunch a fair amount he got me focusing on keeping them rolled back. I ache the day after, but it’s not painful and it’s something that tells you you’re using muscles you don’t normally use in everyday life. Have been doing a lot of extra shifts this week so Monday was the only day I made it in.

Ok, so I’ve lapsed on this somewhat recently!!!!
To go back over the last week –

Wednesday May 20th

I went completely mad and tried doing 2 classes back to back! The first was Spinning with Steve, average effort on this 81% and 384 calories burnt. I followed this up with Pump taught by Jess. Average effort was 74% and 422 calories burnt.
Food wise, I have been slightly more relaxed over the last week. My weight on Thursday morning was 16 stone 0.6, which means I have 4 ounces to lose before losing one stone!
I have been asked about what diet I am on, as some people are noticing my weight loss. The answer is I’m not on a diet as I don’t believe in them. If you’re sensible with your food intake, rather than deny yourself completely then I think you don’t become as bored and be tempted to stuff yourself full of chocolate or whatever it is you’re partial to. Also, not to knock any diets going but if you’re only drinking shakes, or eating a certain type of food, then yes, you do lose weight initially but at some point you come off it and start eating properly again, and the weight packs back on as your body isn’t used to it. My belief is to control portion sizes, and to allow yourself an occasional treat.

Tuesday 19th May

I did Fitball with Tom. My Zone belt registered average effort of 65%, and 243 calories burnt.

Monday 4th May

Ok, completely lost my grip on Friday and through the weekend – among my many sins were a Chinese takeaway, a bag of fizzy cola bottles and crisps. Completely peeved with myself for letting it go as been doing really well to that point, so back on it as of now and with some luck and hard work from me I hopefully, will be back on track for weighing on Friday morning.

Friday 1st May

Weight has gone down from 16st 3.6lb to 16st 2.8lb in the last week! Feeling really good about myself right now! Worked from 9am to 6pm today on reception so haven’t done any training today.

Thursday 30th April

Training with Anthony this morning. Started with a warm up on the cross trainer, followed by sitting down and standing up while holding a 12kg kettlebell to my chest. After the first rep he increased the kettlebell to 16kg, and I did 3 reps of 12. Next he got me doing (dead man bend??) using, at first 7kg dumbbells which was then increased to 10kg. Again he had me doing 3 lots of 12 reps for this. Next up, leg press and then finished up with leg extensions. At the end of the session my legs were like jelly and they certainly didn’t want to move downstairs! My Zone recorded 202 calories burnt.
Today’s food intake
Breakfast – 2 x Weetabix, 1 teaspoon sugar
Lunch – 1 sesame seed bagel, Philadelphia spread and salmon
Dinner – 2 x sausages, cauliflower, broccoli, peas, carrots & gravy
Snacks – Muller light yogurt, banana, apple & 1/2 bag of haribo

Wednesday 29th April

Shame on me, I cancelled Pump It Up class with Jess today! Tom managed to give me a bigger guilt complex for doing so than I already had about it – thanks Tom! I needed to do quite a bit of housework as it looked like a bomb had gone off in it, and out of curiosity I wore the My Zone belt to see how many calories I burnt while cleaning – it recorded from 8:47 until 10am and apparently I burnt 332 calories in that time!
Today’s food intake
Breakfast – Apple, raisin & cinnamon porridge
Lunch -Cheese & tomato sandwich (2 slices white bread) with side salad & a few crisps
Dinner – Lasagne & few oven chips
Snacks – Cinnamon & raisin bagel

Tuesday 28th April

Right, one month to go until my brother’s wedding – the countdown for my first goal is on! I want to have reached 16st by then, and if I have gone lower than that it’s a bonus!
I am seeing Jessica (Jess) today – first up for measurements and then for training.Measuring-tape-for-body-fat My last lot of measurements were taken back in September 2014 but since then I have lost 1cm from my neck, lost just under 1cm from my shoulders, the smallest part of abdomen lost 7cm (!), gluteus lost 1cm, 2cm lost from right thigh and largest part of abdomen 1 cm lost. My body fat is at 47% currently (ok I don’t want to think about that figure too much!). Training today consists of jogging on treadmill on level 8 to start with for 2 minutes and then having a 20 second rest before starting again, and the last and fourth jog was on level 9 – there’s a Paula Radcliffe in me somewhere just fighting to get out!!! Jess also gets me to do step ups, and side step ups which I start off really well with, but my stamina goes and the pace that I began with drastically reduces. Next up is tricep dips, oh joy of joys, but, amazingly I manage to do not one but 3 reps of 12! I’m completely amazed and wonder if it’s because in the class I just told myself I couldn’t do it but here, under Jess’ scrutiny there’s nowhere to hide!!!! I do a 35 minute session with Jess today, and burn 311 calories according to My Zone.
PM – I should have done Zumba class tonight but I cancelled owing to getting home later with daughter from swimming lesson and not having eaten anything since lunch time, I’m mega hungry!!!!!

Monday 27th April

I have enlisted Anthony to my cause, and the poor bloke gets to train me this morning! I’m feeling a bit sluggish, probably from not being very active at the weekend, and have to give myself a bit of a nudge to get going both physically and mentally. Started off on the Cross Trainer, Anthony got me at a comfortable pace (level 6), and then upped it to level 12 for a minute before returning to level 6. We did 3 reps of this, and every time the level went up I had to keep the strides per minute to a minimum of 100. Next he takes me through some weights work for my shoulders, triceps and biceps. Some are ‘easier’ than others, there was a particular exercise that I was particularly weak on but Anthony listened, advised and adjusted the weights so I was still pushing myself but more in control. This is what I think is particularly great about the gym staff, they know I’m at the starting point of this and I am truly embarrassed by how weak and unfit I am but I haven’t been made to feel belittled by them. The end of the training session sees that I have burnt 494 calories.

Sunday 26th April

Can still feel my stomach, thigh and shoulder muscles from doing Circuits on Friday, but it’s not at the point where I can’t move, and I know it’s a case of “no pain, no gain”! I noticed a huge difference this morning when the family and I had brunch, we had egg and beans on toast – at one point I would have eaten 2 slices of toast and 2 eggs, but this morning I’m struggling to even finish 1 of each! When I’m noticing little things like this it’s making me feel really good.

Saturday 25th April 2015

It has been about a month since I last weighed myself but I can remember exactly what the scales said – 16st 12.1lb, nearly 17 stone, I was absolutely disgusted with myself for letting me get that way. It is time to face the scales again, this is my starting point, no turning back – Oh My God, 16st 3.6lb!!!! I’ve lost almost 9lbs in the last month – happy face all round!

I did circuits with Steve yesterday. I’ve done one Circuits class in my life, and I didn’t enjoy it but I know that I am at my weakest now and I’ve got to get my butt moving. I go to the class with the opinion ‘if I don’t like it this time then maybe it’s not for me’. The class mostly goes okay for me but it highlights that I don’t have any strength in my arms – I couldn’t do the tricep dips using the stage in the studio so did push ups instead, and I couldn’t do the arm pull ups using the TRX straps as much as I tried to! The other thing I struggled on was jumping over the steps – think my body is just too heavy for the impact on my feet, so I adjust the move so I kind of hop over it (Steve must have thought what the hell is she doing??!!). I don’t care, I try and keep going and at the end of the class I’m pleased with what I’ve done. Wearing the My Zone belt I can see that I’ve burnt 411 calories during the class – go me!

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