Goal Setting

In order to achieve, you need to have a goal. This is true of all works of life whether it be in your business life, your personal life or your gym life. Something I see go wrong far too often in peoples goals is the fact that they are way to out there. By this I mean people try and change every single thing and go all out 100% and after 2 weeks it stops and old habits creep back. A classic example of this is New Year’s Resolutions. People will think, “Right new year new me”. Now there is nothing specifically wrong with this but if you’re smoking 20 a day, eat chocolate all the time, don’t do any exercise and live off pot noodles then it’s very unlikely you’re going to be able to stop all of these habits and develop super healthy fantastic new ones all in the space of a month. My advice is to set achievable goals in the short term e.g. 4-6 weeks. This goal can be in accordance with a long term goal that may span over years or even a lifetime goal! Setting this short term goal will be a lot less overwhelming, and be a lot more achievable, and when you do achieve that goal you feel great about it! The psychological side of gym life is HUGE and it’s very easy to become unmotivated and feel like you’re never going to reach your goal if it is so looming.

If a brand new person walks in the gym and wants to run a marathon, then that is obviously a long term goal. It makes sense to have 5 miles as there first target to run, then 10, 15 and work up to the big goal of 26. It would not make any sense to have them attempt 15 miles right of the bat as they would fail. This would be extremely demoralising and knock your confidence massively. Smaller increases in miles will see goals more often achieved bringing confidence and a sense of accomplishment as it allows you to view and acknowledge your progress.

The take home message would be “don’t bite off more than you can chew”. Get yourself a starting point by weighing yourself, taking a photo of yourself, getting your body fat measured or getting that pair of jeans you want to fit into. From here set goals over a 4-6 week period which are working towards the big goal you have set. Keep chipping away at these targets and each time you accomplish one then realise your success! Take pride in the time and effort you’ve put in and what you’ve got out of it because of that. Appreciate how far you’ve come and how much better you feel for it so you can then set your next target in the chase for that big long term goal!!

Good luck setting your goals!