Making Changes

The bottom line is…

If you change nothing, Nothing will change

If you keep doing the same thing, it will never change. You need to be making adaptations to your training and nutrition to suit the changes you want to see. You won’t make a difference in your weight loss or the weight you lift by lifting the same weight for the same amount of reps, or by doing the same distance in the same time on your cardio equipment. Keep reading to find out how!

One way you might find helps more than any other way is by getting yourself some personal training here at The ATRIUM Club. We have three personal trainers on site and they will all help push you past your plateaus or push you past that mental limit. You may even see an increase in your training intensity due to them!

Changing your diet can be the hardest part for anyone, as pretty much anything that tastes good probably isn’t that healthy! However, that is beside the point, you need to be making sure you’re eating the right things to be getting the best results from your training! If you’re working towards a goal but not getting the right nutrients, how do you think that will help you? Not well is the answer. Think of it like this, if you could only have one car for the rest of your life, you would make sure you put the very best fuel in it and looked after it right? because when that car breaks down, you won’t be able to have another one. Why id it any different for your body? If that breaks down, you have for good. You can’t change your body for another one.

Adaptations to your training can be a little easier, there are thousands of programs out there that can help you reach your goals. It’s quite easy to change how you train, lower the rest times, increase the intensity. Or quite simply, if you’ve got a complex routine at the minute, why not try going back to basics for a while? Can’t do any harm right?

By Paula & Tom