MYZONE Activity Belt



MYZONE® is an accurate monitoring system that will help motivate you and push you to improve by providing personalised results that will improve your workout. The belt monitors your heart rate, effort and calories burned in a real time display in classes and in the gym. An online logbook is created for each belt, meaning you can view all of your workouts and any other data collected.

MYZONE® Effort Points (MEPs) are rewarded for every minute spent exercising in the respective heart rate zone. The higher your heart rate – the more MEPs you’ll earn per minute!

To get started, simply purchase your own MYZONE® belt for our price of £55.00 and follow these simple step by step instructions! To wear the belt secure it on around your chest underneath your shirt so that the logo is centred and you’ll know its ready when you hear a beep to indicate your heartbeat has been detected.

Try before you buy. We have  a small number of demo belts that you can try out for session, just ask at reception.