Spinning/group cycling is an excellent workout to strengthen your heart and tone your legs. Here at Atrium Fitness our classes consist of up to 13 members with one of our highly qualified instructors taking them on a ride that will include sprints, hill climbs, hovers and many more exercises to give you a workout like no other, lasting 45 minutes.

Group energy is what makes the class, keeping motivation levels high is important. Spinning is very popular, there are no complicated dance moves to follow and since you are in control of your bikes tension (resistance) you can stay within your limits for your fitness level and still feel like you’re keeping up meaning everyone finishes together. It truly id a great workout, burning as many as 500-600 calories during a class (that’s 9.16 per minute!!!)

New to Spinning? Here’s some tips…

Try using a cushioned seat – You will need a little time for your bum to ‘harden’ to the saddle. The feling goes away before long as your gluteal muscles get firmer and adapt to the saddle.

Stay hydrated – Like any form of exercise, it is important to keep taking in plenty of water. Spinning works up quite the sweat and you will need to replace what you lose. A towel is also a good idea.

Pace yourself – Classes can sometimes be high energy and vigorous, however if you are new to exercise or spinning remember to go at your own pace (everyone has to start somewhere.) Stay where you are comfortable and for the next class you will know how far to venture and push yourself.