Tom’s SegWay Experience 2015

Monday morning of this week, Tom went on a SegWay Experience. He took Christie, Michelle and Kier with him. The voucher was provided for Tom by Atrium Fitness as a Christmas present. Here’s how it went.


The group of us travelled to Grafham Water together for a 9am start on Monday morning. Excited but nervous, none of us knew what was in store for us. We signed ourselves in and got kitted up. After a lot of laughing and photo’s in stupid poses we got started.

For those of you that have never been on a SegWay, it’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced. They are so much fun and yet you feel in and out of control the whole time! We had to show we could have basic control of the SegWay before being let off out onto the trails. So we all had a go, we were all in hysterics. Videos were taken of us all having our first step on. Interesting to say the least.

Once we had shown the instructors that we had basic control of the SegWay, it was time for a couple of games. We had two other people in our group that we still have no idea of their names… Anyway. First off, head to head drag race. We lined up in two lines of 3, so that we faced one other. Off we went, head to head, one followed by the other two in the line racing against our opposing team, 3 seconds there, turn round using the lean bar and race back as quick as possible!

Next up was a slalom. cones were set up, 4 turns on the way there, round the end cone and then back through the slalom but this time with one hand on our head! When we crossed the line again we had to high five our opponent so that they could start. Once we had all got a feel for how the SegWay worked and had finished the games we went off into the forest trails to have a little ride over the rough terrain.

There were two trails we went on, the first of which was a short track that we did two laps on laughing the whole time, following the instructor we went in single file racing around the tight track trying to miss the trees. The whole time the instructors were taking pictures.

After we had done our laps on the short track, we headed off on a 10 minute journey round another track that took us through the forest near grafham water, and right onto the waters edge, before heading back through a different track in the forest and back to the centre.

The whole experience was incredible, a good laugh, and definitely worth another day out!