TRX – Give it a Whirl?

Reasons why you should try TRX training:TRX Suspension Training


1. It’s for anyone. TRX has been designed for any fitness level, so whether you prefer lower impact classes such as Pilates or yoga or you enjoy high impact work like running or cycling you can adapt the workout to your ability

2.It’s beginner- friendly – It’s easy to change exercises to your own level of difficulty and then increase the intensity when you are able to.

3.It beats boredom – There are infinite ways to use the TRX straps. You can do a full body workout with the TRX straps from lunges to planks and upper body resistance training. The best part is that you can change your routine as many times and you want, meaning that you won’t be getting bored anytime soon.

4. Engages your core – with every exercise your core muscles are engaged, but watch how much harder things get when you really engage your core.

5. Intensity control – you can control the intensity just by walking yourself closer or further away from the anchor point. This means instead of having to grab different sets of dumbbells or add more weights to machines you can simply just adjust your feet position.